A RLSH Attacked

” You can try pulling the wings off an angel but he remains an angel still. “
-Capt. Black after hearing the following:
A real life superhero ( RLSH ) friend of mine was recently attacked while on patrol. While shaken, this saintly man still wants to hit the streets again to help others.
Simply offering yourself for the public good doesn’t guarantee favorable reception, no matter how well intentioned.
I don’t think some RLSH realize how inadequate they make some folks feel.
The other side of inspiration is indignation. People parading around being their full selves slaps envious onlookers in the face. Being a RLSH takes a rare kind of purity. It’s also a mirror causing some to attack those they wish they could be.
My friend is coping but ironically, the real victim is his assailant and tortured souls like him. Attacking RLSH is a cheap way for miserable individuals to finally feel happy.
To would-be super villains who cross the line into committing real would mayhem, there’s a four letter word for you: sick.
NADRA ENZI AKA CAPT BLACK promotes crime prevention and self-development through outreach. http://www.captblack.info (504) 214-3082.