Why Be A Do Gooder?

Why be a do gooder, at my present age of 44 or any time? Society is in Recession/Depression mode so why not ” do me ” and forget do gooding?
I’m a do gooder now because I’ve always been one.
After taming past shyness, connecting with other’s needs occurs more often. Now, I don’t feel I’m intruding upon privacy nearly as much as intruding upon hunger; conflict or despondency.
As a do gooder I’m doubly blessed by what Leigh Anne and Sean Toohy ( of ” Blindside ” movie fame ) call ” Popcorn Theory ” which “…is about noticing others. It starts with recognizing a fellow soul by the roadside as kindred…it’s about acknowledging that person’s potential and value. It’s about seeing him, instead of looking past him…Like with popcorn…the hot ones just show up. It’s not hard to spot them. ”
That’s my approach encapsulated. My Capt Black outreach is where I give food; clothing and crime prevention efforts away whenever possible.
It makes no sense for people to be hungry or cold amid plenty; suffering while surrounded crowds and buildings. In a similar vein, lack of basic safety amounts to a civic plague of stupidity.
October 2010 witnessed near-daily food giveaways as over half my sneaker string budget strategically went to others. Don’t try this at home ( lol ) unless you are fully committed.
You won’t regret it but it may make loved ones worried.
These giveaways happened outside the New Orleans Main Library where the homeless gather among other patrons. It wasn’t unusual to feel ten feet tall afterward! ( lol ).
This month I gave a warm white bomber jacket to a gent outside there I call my ” regular client. ” Despite area warmth, when it’s cold it becomes bitterly so! The jacket literally begged me for weeks to be donated and I felt like jumping for joy when I did it. Still do as a matter of fact.
Why be a do gooder? Because it helps others and helps you free personal, much needed good inside.
Especially these days, we could all use some extra good in our lives.
NADRA ENZI AKA CAPT BLACK promotes crime prevention and self-development. http://www.captblack.info