How to Be a Real Life Superhero

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By Anonymous
I mean all those comic books, movies, tv shows, you’d think that one eccentric loner would have made himself a costume. Is everyday life really so exciting? Are schools and offices so thrilling that I’m the only one who ever fantasized about this? Come on, be honest with yourself. At some point in our lives we all wanted to be a superhero.
Be Realistic.While it’s great that you wanna become a superhero you should first be realistic, you obviously don’t have any superpowers so if you think you can just put on a costume and beat up some of the worst criminals your city has to offer then the only asshole who’s going to get hurt is you. Also remember that there is a thin line between superheroism and being a vigilante.
Choose what kind of Superhero you’ll be.I know it sounds weird but without superpowers or incredible gadgets and training (like Batman) its impossible to save everyone in need everywhere. You should decide early on whether you’ll be the kind of superhero who gives food to the homeless or the kind who goes around fighting crime.
Design a Costume.Make a costume that stands out and be original.If you go around dressed as Superman don’t be surprised if people think your going to a costume party.Remember you don’t need a costume made out of the best materials that money can buy, your costume can be made out of evrything from a wetsuit to bulletproof armor, be creative. Also you should carefully consider what kind of costume you will have, you can either have a costume that offers very little protection but is easy to put on and can be worn underneath normal clothes or you can make a costume that offers good protection but is hard to put on and can’t be worn under everyday clothes it’s your choice.
Think up a name.This is definitely the hardest step of all. Once you choose a name for your superhero you’re stuck with it for good (you’ve never heard of spiderman suddenly changing his name to arachnidman or whatever) so try to choose a name that’s cool (or you think it is anyway), original (for god’s sake don’t be a dick and call yourself superman or batman) and try to give yourself a name that holds meaning to you and don’t be afraid of being a superhero without a name, if anything the idea for your superhero name will come while your out being an awesome superhero.
Be confident.Not everyone can be a real life superhero. If anything the hardest part is people thinking your a joke. So always remind yourself of the good your doing for society and how you’ve made a difference. Also (and this is where everyone gets mixed up) you don’t need superpowers to be a superhero, famous superheros like Batman and Kick Ass <— My personal favorite, didn’t have superpowers and both were superheroes.
Train.Whether it’s exercising, practicing your street running or trying to jump from one building to another , it’s a good idea to train before you become a real life superhero.
Be well equipped.Buy pepper spray, a taser or even bulletproof armor. With being a superhero it’s much better to be safe than dead. If you want you can buy spy gadgets like tracking devises or secret recorders to catch a criminal. It really doesn’t matter as long as you have something to protect yourself with.
Watch Kick Ass or look at Superheroes Anonymous.Ever since it came into existence it has become a well known fact that Kick Ass (both the comic book and the movie) is the most kick ass badassdedness thing on the planet even more than Chuck Norris. But seriously Kick Ass is the best movie I have ever seen and it basically explains what being a real life superhero will be like (if you don’t prepare for it, in fact Kick Ass is what gave me the idea to write this article) although I wouldn’t do what Kick Ass does… that’d just be stupid. Also theres a bunch of people who have already made costumes for themselves and are real life superheros, they have even formed a website called superheroes anonymous if you can’t find it just google superheros anonymous, they all mean well but personally I think it’s almost as if it’s a religious order with them, they talk about the right path of a superhero and enlightenment (it’s pretty weird).
Don’t become a superhero for recognition or rewards. If you are becoming a superhero only because you want to be recognised or rewarded then don’t become one. A superhero does good because he knows it’s whats right not because he wants recognition or five minutes of fame. But if you do choose to become a superhero and you do become incredibly famous don’t forget to say how you were on the computer and you read my article and it inspired you to become a superhero. Now go and become the absolutely AWESOME superhero I know you can be. GOOD LUCK.