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Civitron's Heroic 100

Civitron’s Heroic 100

Dear Super-Friends,
On Monday, November 15th, I, Civitron and the superheroes of The Heroic 100 will be bowling to Strike Out Hunger with Project Bread!
We’re participating in Strike Out Hunger because today, thousands of people in Massachusetts experience hunger because they cannot afford adequate food. Local families are struggling even more this year to put food on the table because of a recent rise in the cost of everyday food and the high cost of living in the state. In fact, many families and individuals who never thought they’d need to ask for help are now having to decide between paying rent, getting medical care, or buying food. In this land of plenty, hunger is intolerable.
I’m sending this email to all of you today because in my opinion, you all represent in your own way what’s truly awesome about the real life superhero movement and have made a tremendous impact on my life. Together, we can truly make a difference in the lives of hungry people. Thank you for your support!
Please visit www.projectbread.org/goto/heroic100 for ways to help Strike Out Hunger on November 15th.
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