Crossfire stops attempted murder

Blog report from Crossfire
Just got home from the police station…Heres the story
I was not in gimmick – I was in bed trying to catch a nap before work tonight. I grabbed a pair of shorts as I ran for the door and responded. I told Silver that I was in my Submariner costume.
Earlier this week my neighbor was attacked by her ex boyfriend and we were afraid he would come back to try again so we’ve been on guard. The ex boyfriend hid in the building that time and attacked them when they came home. Tonight he got into their apartment somehow and waited for them there. He was in their shower with the knife when they arrived home. He sat there for hours with his knife watching for them to come home tonight.
I had just drifted off when I heard a commotion outside my door. I grabbed a pair of shorts and my nightstick and ran out the door. I could hear fighting from the room across the hall. The downstairs neighbor came running up and I told him to call the police. I banged on the door with the nightstick and the young lady opened the door. She had been cut on the hand and was covered in blood. She shouted “Help us!” and pointed to the living room.
I ran in and found her boyfriend struggling with her ex boyfriend who had an eight inch knife. They were half on the couch with the knife between them and the blade was between the boyfriends shirt and his skin. The boyfriendwas holding the blade away from him and had the ex pinned to the couch with his bodyweight.
I stuck the nightstick between the blade and the man’s chest and ordered the ex boyfriend to release the knife. He refused and I told him several more times. I noticed that he had released his grip on the blade a little and asked the girlfriend to grab the knife if she could get it. He tightened his grip and I moved the nightstick and put it to his forehead and told him “let it go NOW!”
He dropped the knife and we wrestled him to the floor and held him there until the police arrived.
When the police arrived the neighbors told them that the superhero stopped him…they said I was going to trade my clown suit in for a cape. (None of them know about Crossfire yet…LOL)
The perp has been arrested and the young lady is safe once again.
I got a good laugh at the station as I heard the perp telling the officers how the fat guy with the bat took his knife away.
That’s the story and now Im dealing with an adrenaline hangover…and I gotta get ready for work.