Cali RLSH Workshop

motormFrom Motor Mouth:
For those of you in California, Arizona, & Nevada, I have a surprise for you…
I’m holding an RLSH Workshop, BBQ, & patrol on Saturday, the 28th of August.
– Mega-Rad is going over information gathering techniques.
– Med-X is going over medical first responder training.
– Kingsnake is going over teaching body rolls and anti-gun defenses.
– Motor-Mouth (oh, that’s ME!) is going over public relations & dealings with the police.
A BBQ will coincide with this and later in the evening, everyone present will uniform up and hit the streets of San Francisco for a handout then a patrol.
Anyone that wants particulars (as in the address it’s gonna be at) can just hit me up privately on here.
Also, if you’re coming from out of town, no worries for a hotel/motel room. I can’t promise you a bed but I can offer couch or floor space for sure.
Hope to see some of you beyond my local team there!
– MM
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