By Idea Man
So this will be my brainstorming list for general ideas.  Many of these will have been previously posted in RLSH forums – and some will have been developed with the help of other Real Life Superheroes.  I will add to the list as I come up with more stuff.  Certain ideas will be removed from this list later on in order to give them their own more detailed post.

  • Have a national day where people are encouraged to read from a book about a belief system other than your own.  If you are a Christian, maybe read the Koran.  If you are a creationist, maybe read a book about evolution.  If you are an atheist, maybe read the Bible.  If you are a Catholic, maybe read the Book of Mormon.  It doesn’t matter, as long as you take some time to learn a little about someone else’s beliefs.
  • A play about Real Life Superheroes, written by Real Life Superheroes.
  • Talent show to raise money for charity.  People vote for the winner by putting money into the contestants’ jars.
  • Cities should have a place where people can go online and rank the safety of their neighborhoods.  They could also leave comments about what types of crimes that they know or believe are happening in their area.  This would help cops to know where to patrol and help families decided where to buy a home.
  • Raise money to put youth leaders in the community through the Just Yell Fire Train the Trainer program, so that they can train the girls that they work with how to be safe and defend themselves from an attacker.
  • Get booths at Christmas Bazaars, and give out free copies of the Just Yell Fire DVD for people to give to girls that they know as presents.
  • A book by Real Life Superheroes for regular non-RLSH citizens, giving them advise on everyday things that anyone can do to change the world for the better.  The title could be something like:  How to Save the Day!
  • A non-profit organization that hires private investigators to follow people who harass their exes.  The private investigators get evidence to prove that the harassment is going on, and give it to the police.  They can also be used to prove that someone is violating a restraining order.
  • Self defense training for school children as part of P.E.
  • A reality show that funds Real Life Superheroes, so that they can make a positive impact in ways that our current budgets will not allow.  Sort of a Extreme Makeover: Home Edition type show, but with superheroes.
  • When you help someone, give them a Good Deed Card.  The card asks the person to help someone else, and pass the card along.
  • A club for kids in which the members dress up in superhero costumes and do community service projects.  This could be done through an existing organization, such as 4-H.  The great thing about 4-H is that a leader can start a club about anything.  It is not all about farming and animals.
  • An award that is given out by the RLSH community to non-RLSH who go the extra mile to make the world a better place.  This could involve the winners being dubbed as “Honorary Real Life Superheroes” and given their own RLSH name.
  • There could be a contest held within a community that awards prizes for the most creative picture of someone cleaning up litter.  This will be fun and encourage community service at the same time.  One possible prize could be having your photo published in the newspaper.
  • When a RLSH visits children, he or she could hand out items that give the kids the title of “Honorary Side Kick.”  Individual RLSH could have their own items, or there could be official stuff.