Superhero supports community groups

CARBONDALE – Community activist and talk radio host, Treesong, has launched a new effort to support local community groups by adopting a superhero identity.
As Carbondale’s “Real Life Superhero,” Treesong will help environmental, social justice and community service groups with their programs, fundraising and volunteer opportunities. He will also promote these groups online through social networking sites such as Facebook and the new “Causes” section of his website,.
Treesong believes that his distinctive costume and public superhero persona will demonstrate that community involvement can be a fun and rewarding experience. He also hopes to inspire others to join him in supporting these local groups and invites group organizers to contact him with their requests for support.
Treesong first became active in the community by joining the Student Environmental Center in 1997. In 2000, Treesong received his Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy from SIUC. After receiving his degree, he chose to remain in Carbondale to continue his involvement in the local community.
Treesong is part of the international Real Life Superheroes movement. This movement, with an estimated 200 publicly known members worldwide, consists of individuals who have chosen to adopt a unique new identity inspired by the fictional superheroes of movies and comic books. Their methods of public service are as diverse as the individuals themselves and include neighborhood watch patrols, volunteer service for charitable causes, and political activism on issues such as the environment and women’s empowerment.
For more information call Treesong at 618-525-0625, e-mail to [email protected] or