GLHG Toy Drive 2009

Before you read the body of the text below, I am unable to post a link to our website that will allow you to click on the link and go there from this bulletin. You will need to copy and paste it into your browser if you would like to help us out. The link is:
I also want to let everyone know that again we will be adding to our efforts with our team members in Wisconsin and Florida to also make an impact there. In Wisconsin, the Watchman will be helping out the Gingerbread House
And in Florida we will hopefully be helping at the Pregnancy Care Center in Zephyr Hills.
Now we have had some wonderful donations from a couple of our good friends, but we need more. We want these kids at these locations to have a wonderful holiday! And sometimes the only way we can do this is by helping out with even $1. I tell you if every one of our respective friends donated just $1 we would have an awesome haul of toys to affect kids in all three states!
People Serving People in Minnesota.
The Gingerbread House in Wisconsin
The Pregnancy Care Center in Florida
These are all places where people who have been hit hard by the world go for help. The people that donate their time at these places do what they can and do a wonderful job, but they don’t have the resources to have collection boxes in every Wal*Mart or Target. They all rely on word of mouth, and right now that word of mouth is ours. I am still trying desperately to get at least one local store to allow us to put up a collection box expressly for the People Serving People part of the drive, but have had no response from the owner of the place. But I will keep trying. Its early, but I would like to work at this now, knowing that the closer we get to Christmas, the harder it is for anyone to help.
Thank you for your time in reading this, and remember, if you can donate $1 or if you can donate in the package toys, please contact Jack about donating the actual toys, he can accept them being sent to Hero Gear. You can contact him at [email protected] or at
Lets rock the world this year and show everyone that we can make one heck of an impact!
Great Lakes Heroes Guild