GLHG Toy Drive '09

Message from Razorhawk

This year we have been talking to a charity that we often help during the year, People Serving People. Now as many of you may know from talking to members of the team, PSP is a homeless shelter for families who have nowhere to live. They also help people getback on their feet so that they can provide for their own families.
This gives us a nice idea of which kids we need to target for gifts, which ones are usually not recieving as many gifts as the others. We know now that the youngest and oldest are usually being left out from getting gifts, so we will target those age ranges.
I have contacted a couple of local comicbook shops that don’t usually have drop off points for any toy drives to see if we could leave a box to collect there as well.
We want to make sure that this is a successful toy drive because I am unsure of the amount of toys they recieve. So we are going to need a bit of help. Please, if you can, follow the link below and donate. Every dollar we recieve between now and the holidays will go to buying gifts for these great kids!
Thank you!

More Information including Paypal link can be found at
Deadline for this is December 18, 2009