Superheroes are roaming Colchester streets

FOUR caped crusaders have taken to the streets to protect the residents of Colchester from evil.
Calling themselves the Nightwatchers, the group are a self-proclaimed “vigilante crime-fighting team”, aiming to stop fights, tackle antisocial behaviour, offer food to the homeless and generally do good deeds.
The four men refuse to identify themselves, admitting only that they are all 21 year olds and from the Colchester area.
Instead, they go by the names Dr Insomnia, the Nightman, the Shover and the Green and White Knight.
Dr Insomnia said: “It may sound a bit childish, but we class ourselves as real-life superheroes. We take the law into our own hands, but we do this in a way that is not breaking the law.
“We feel it is our duty to help the public. Colchester is getting worse and worse and there is only so much the police can do. Let’s just say we’re here to give the police a helping hand.”
He added: “We also want to let people know there are still people our age who are willing to help people, and to show we are not all hoodlums.”
The inspiration for the group came from dozens of similar organisations in America who view it as their civic duty to help.
True to form, the men don costumes to take on their superhero personas, although they draw the line at masks.
Dr Insomnia said: “I wear a hood, a long coat and I have a Union Jack on the back of my trousers.
“The Nightman is a big bald guy, who also wears a hood.
“We decided not to wear masks because we do not want to scare the public.”
The Nightwatchers were only formed a few weeks ago, but already claim to have helped drunks home safely.
They drive around in a car, looking for people to help.
Eventually they hope to have business cards printed with a Heroes Hotline for people to call.