A message to Ahna

I got a message tonight from a young lady who wanted me to give her some advice, as her fiance wanted to become a real life superhero..  Unfortunately, she only accepts messages from friends and only allows people to be her friend if they know her last name.  MySpace is funny sometimes.
None the less, I wanted to respond and, maybe this creates an interesting opportunity to share this response with others.  So whereever Ahna is, I hope she gets a chance to read this blog.
Hello Ahna,
First, don’t panic.  For many men, this is an evolution of their desire to help the world. So, the good news is, your fiance has a good and giving heart.
The second thing is … well … maybe it would be better if my wife just told you how she feels and lives with me.
Hi, I’m CP’s wife… I have to admit, I take it all with a grain of salt.  I love my husband and I want him to be happy and this helps him achieve that.  Mind you, he doesn’t dress up in tights, lurk inalleys and go fight crime. No one should be doing that in real life.  He is more about social awareness, creating programs for community awareness (like a neighborhood watch type thing) and using the costume to gain awareness to his pro social message.  When it comes to the whole “Real Lifer’s” who go out every night looking for trouble I sort of ignore it all.  CP does volunteer with the local police force so he seems to have found a great way to do it all.  For me, as long as he is safe and always comes home to his family.  I support him. 😉 Wishing you the best.
Prime again.
So there you go.  Have your fiance contact me if you’d like.  If you are worried about his safety, well then he does need to talk to me.  RLSHers are not about lurking in dark alleys and taking down drug dealers.  They should be the eyes and ears for law enforcement.  They are not law enforcement officials. Best they/he/we always remember that..  We are about (well, the good ones anyway) finding ways to wake up the world and sending out a message that the heart of a hero lies in everyone.
I hope that helps.  Good luck and write back if you’d liek to hear more.