Entomo Interview by Kevlex

12/01/2008 Entomo Interview
Kevlex: How did you become aware of the RLS movement?
Entomo: In 2003, I became alert because Terrifica and Mr.. Silent. Something was going to happen, it was in the air. So I started my training, unaware of the making of a new “wave” of Superheroes which was occurring underground, at least in America.
I had already acknowledged the existence of Super Barrio Gomez in the early Nineties, however.
Kevlex: What is your motivation for becoming a RLS?
Entomo: I am what I am. Since day one, long time before I would don a Battle suit, I’ve always worked to achieve equilibrium between the various factions struggling on the chessboard of reality. I was going to become what I already was from the start.
There’s no other “logic” to argue. I was just following the path that Nature had arranged for me. I’m doing that right now, in this moment. It’s my destiny.
Kevlex: What do you hope to accomplish as a RLS?
Entomo: Everything. I’m an Agent of Balance. I fight for a FAIRER world.
Kevlex: Do you have any special skills or training that helps with your RLS activities?
Entomo: Training, yes. It’s still an on-going process, because you never reach a point where you don’t really need to train anymore. That would be ridiculous.
I practice athletics, bodybuilding and Krav Maga.
As far as my morphic faculties are concerned, you can apprehend them here: www.entomo.wikispaces.com
Kevlex: What do you usually do while in your RLS persona?
Entomo: A vast array of tasks. I do whatever I choose to do. That’s my ethics. I’m stuck between Order and Chaos, and move from one pole to another.
Basically, I’m a a detective and a patroller but, believe me, I can turn into a man of action quite easily.
Kevlex: What is the most significant thing you have accomplished as a RLS?
Entomo: Can’t really determine that. It’s up to people to define my legacy. I would say that, in the end, I will be regarded as a symbol of total justice and dangerous freedom.
I saved lives, I helped a lot of people and… I did it for free. Not a bad accomplishment, isn’t it?
Kevlex: What is the theme or concept behind your RLS costume and name?
Entomo: I own paranormal faculties related to insects – that being said, “paranormal” is a word open to various interpretations. Think of me as a post-modern shaman, whose faculties are connected to a parallel plane of consciousness.
Kevlex: What equipment do you use in your RLS personna?
Entomo: I’m in the process to adopt a self-customized Tazer; in Italy, we call that “Dissuasore elettrico”. It will be a totally-new version, since I’m gonna do some serious modifications.. That would be the stinging Tail of the Insect-Man.
Kevlex: Which RLS’s do you take the most seriously?
Entomo: Everyone I can sense as being “the real deal”. Thanks to my Parallelogram ability, it’s not that hard. Just to name few: Captain Ozone, Superhero, Tothian, Geist, Master Legend, Amazonia, Captain Prospect, Nostrum, Knight Owl, Squeegeeman (sometimes).
Kevlex: What do you feel are the greatest challenges facing the RLS community?
Entomo: Inspiration, expansion and popular acceptance.
Kevlex: Considering the many different philosophies that RLS’s operate under, do you think there will ever be one unifying organization for the RLS movement?
Entomo: We don’t need that. I don’t need that, at least. I work for nobody.
Kevlex: What would you do if you had great resources, such as Bruce Wayne does in the batman comics?
Entomo: Can’t answer. Secret matter.
Kevlex: How do you feel the media portrays the RLS community?
Entomo: Mixed bag, but that’s life..
Kevlex: What has been the reaction of the public, your family, friends, and law enforcement to your RLS persona?
Entomo: Not many know I’m Entomo, just thirteen people: they are useful allies.
In regard to the rest of your list, I don’t care about law enforcement. I bet I could be perceived by some of them as an “anarchist”… and they are dead right, I’m just that. An anarchist Superhero.
Casual people appear puzzled. But you must shock in order to shake.
Kevlex: What advice do you have for people thinking of becoming RLS’s?
Entomo: Find your inner avatar, the “Superhero” you keep locked inside. Then, materialize him as a “second skin” you must dwell in. Embody what you truly are. End of the story.
I inject justice.