Fat Momma!

If anyone has noticed (and I doubt they did) but Fat Momma has skyrocketed to the top of my Friends list.  I did this today as I thought of all the people on last year’s reality show “Who Wants To Be a Superhero,” Fat Momma had the most inspired message.
Not all of us can be top athletes, genius thinkers or the best at everything.  Her message surrounding this dilemma was “be happy with yourself”.  There are many “real life superheroes” and “celebrity super heroes” that are making a difference.  Very few, in recent years, have had the inspirational opportunities that Fat Momma has, and done so much with it!  I want to publicly thank her for her inspired message and courage for being a very non-typical inspiration in a very judgmental world.
If you wanted to check out more of Fat Momma, head over to her website at www.fatmomma.tv.  Thanks, Fat Momma!