Course Corrections

There are many avenues and ways to contribute to The Age of Superheroes.  Recently, fate took a moment to remind me of my original path.  I had been a contributor to an amazing watering hole for the Real Life Super Hero community, called The Hero Coalition.  While I found my time their invaluable, I have recently refocused on projects more in line with my personal mission goals.  I would encourage everyone to take a moment and ask yourself, “Am I fulfilling my mission in life in the best possible way?”  Whether that is through patrolling your cities, helping the helpless or proving your civic pride in other ways, I know we all need reminders to stay on task and I would be amiss if I did not take my current course correction as an opportunity to help you remember.  Are you doing what you set out to do?  Are you proceeding as you hoped to proceed?
Serious questions and only you know your answers.  Good luck in your individual journeys.  Stay safe and watch out for each other.
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