Secret Identity

I have been asked a few times “but what about your secret identity”? Well let’s just say that:
1. Having done skip-tracing in the past, I know how easy it is for somebody to find you, whether you move ONCE, or 3 times within a year. All of my skip-tracing was done without the use of a computer at that. Just buy a book.
2. If you drive, use a cellphone or anything else…well you get the idea.
3. My voice is pretty damn recognizable unless you are at least 75% deaf.
4. I’ve been in documentary films, music videos, public access TV, 4+ music groups…who am I foolin’?
5. As far as I know we only live once. Well I never have been big on livin’ to be an old man. We all gonna die so no need to cry!
I love the luchador tradition of mask-wearing, and I love theatrics in general. I think everybody’s entitled to wear masks, costumes, make up, or what have you… as far as hiding though, you probably don’t leave the house in your uniform, there’s camera’s at the ATMs, the streetlights, squad cars, stores… There is also such a thing as corrupt cops for folks to get info from for the right price. There’s nowhere to hide.
For the RLSH Community, I see uniforms mainly as fucntional symbols augmented with gear that helps you to do your job. Good luck, and have a drink for me >:D