Welcome to the site

This is the birth of the first website of the Super League of Superheroes! We, as the SLS, decided that this new global community that some have taken to call the “Internets” has grown to a point where there are people that need protection! Thus, SuperLeagueofSuperheroes.com spawns as a home for those that need protection, idealize Real Life Superheroes such as myself and Squeegeeman, or just like our flashy costumes!
It is also a place that Superheroes can congregate, strategize against villainy, or participate in the union meetings. Check out the FORUM link on the side for more opportunities to network with Heroes and common citizens alike!
You also might want to check out the interview with Squeegeeman from TIMEOUT NY magazine. Squeegeeman, as well as fellow Superheroes Tothian and Dark Guardian were followed by a reporter and photographer on their patrol. The magazine is supposed to hit shelves Wednesday, September 27th. Get yourselves a copy! I’m off on my patrol, so GOOD DAY CITIZENS!
Captain Xavier Obvious