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    RLSH Costume Makers

    One Purpose only: to connect rlsh to people capable of designing and creating rlsh costumes
    led by Eyeless Jack

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    RLSH Gear Discussion Group

    One purpose only: Talk about gear that can be used by rlsh to further there cause for justice.
    led by Eyeless Jack

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    Fan Made Marvel Movie Series: The Annihilators

    This group is for all who want and are capable of helping in the making of the Fan-Made Marvel Movie Series: The Annihilators, based loosely on the comic series with the same name. I say LOOSLY as to mean that if at on eppint the characters meet a hero...  more
    led by Eyeless Jack

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    The Protectors

    The Protectors Initiative is a global cause, to create a team of rlsh that are capable of dealing with global issues. These include but wouldn't be limited to: Post-Natural Disaster Work, Civil Unrest, Rebellions, and more. These Selected RLSHs would...  more
    led by Eyeless Jack