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Okay, so these days I'm putting my tech/science/inventing talents to good use, and I may actually just use it as my RLSH identity...but I'm also thinking I'll play a more behind-the-scenes role in the RLSH. I'll design gear, gadgets, make strategies, make plans, and basically play the role of logistics. I got inspired by Professor Hulk from Marvel, and even watch an Avengers: 10 years later video by Cartoon Hooligans on YouTube. It had some cool fan art of Hulk I'll draw inspiration from for my suit. I mean, I won't be green and super strong, although I'll stay in shape should I become a target, but anyway...I'm thinking my suit will look like Professor Hulk from Endgame, and I'll be various RLSH's logistical support. As well as gadgeteer.